Vitamin B12 Benefits:

-Energy Increase
-Stress and Irritability Reduction
-Vegans and Vegetarians
-Weight Loss and Higher Metabolism
-Immune System Boost
-Skin Health
-Memory / Concentration
-Nerve Pain
-Headaches/ migraines
-Mood Stabilization/Anxiety/Depression
-Sleep / insomnia
-Cardiovascular System Health
-Endurance and stamina
-Digestion and Gastroenterology surgeries
-Hypothyroid problems
-Increases Red Blood Cell count /Anemia
-Allergy prevention
-Quit smoking

 Custom B-Vitamin Shots


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Naturally occurring form of vitamin B-12,  found in most foods, with long lasing effect.


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This is the most active form in the human body. It converts homocysteine into methionine,
which helps protect the cardiovascular system.


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Essential Boosters

Biotin Boost

This booster is essential for hair growth, strong nails and skin health

Lipo B Boost

Accelorate your weight loss and fat loss in a natural way

Vitamin C

Boost the immune system, accelerate the Healing Process, Rejuvenate skin and produce collagen

Vitamin B12 & B Complex Combination (Booster)

Maximize energy, weight loss and is Vital to every cell and organ in body

Folic Acid

Brain / Heart Health, lowering cancer risk, mood enhancing and better iron absobtion


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