Great For Weight loss

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Helps With weightloss...

Methionine- Breakdown fat, prevent build up of fat, assists with digestion.

Inositol - Electrical energy and nutrient transfer.

Choline- Controling your weigh and cholesterol levels, fighting infection.

B1 Catalyst in carbohydrate metabolism

B2- Metabolize fats, carbohydrate and respiratory proteins

B3 Helps release energy from nutrients, Reduce cholesterol and treat heart disease

B5 Production of energy and breakdown of fatty and amino acids

B6 Enzyme system, important to metabolism of proteins fats and carbohydrates

B12 Energy production, brain function, formation of blood, weight loss metabolism.

L-Carnitine - boosts energy by stimulation the blody's burning of triglycerdes (burn more fat)

Lipotropics injections can be given once a week and can enhance weight loss along with proper diet and exercise.