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Vitamin Shot Packages Available

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Essential Vitamin Boosters

Biotin Boost

Essential for hair growth, strong nails and skin health. A great boost for appearance.

Vitamin B12 & B-Complex

Maximize energy, weight loss and is vital to every cell and organ in body

Lipo B Boost

Accelerate your weight loss and fat loss in a natural way.

Folic Acid

Brain / Heart Health, lowering cancer risk, mood enhancing and better iron absorption

Vitamin C Boost

Boost the immune system, accelerate the healing process, rejuvenate skin and produce collagen

Vitamin D

Mood enhancing and better iron absorption

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We specialize in Energy, Wellness, Focus and Overall Health, along with offering the very best quality for your health.

Specializing in Dermatology , Pain and Hormonal compounds.  Click today to get more information.

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Biotin, Glutathione
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